Frequent Questions

Below a few of the most asked questions about our services

What are the objectives of this Service?

The objective of Managed Keys is to make proper key and certificate lifecycle management procedures available to all organizations without compromising existing IT change initiatives. We have expert staff who can help you through the process of getting relevant procedures into operations and most likely you will end up with software automated change processes for compliance controls, certificate procurement, key rotation etc.

What are the best features and services we deliver?

The managed service release your operations staff to do other tasks. The complexity of constantly renewing keys and measure compliance to industry standards are taken care of by experts. Our customers highlight different qualities of our service, however a common benefit seem to be the ease of operations and rapid response

Why this is important to me?

If you care about business continuity, security, less downtime, high level of confidence that your cryptographic keys are managed and rotated properly, then this is for you

How may I take part in and purchase this Software?

You can alway contact us via e-mail to book a meeting with our experts. It will typically take us about half an hour to know how the Managed Keys solution and our team best support you.

What is the price of the service?

Pricing scale with the complexity of your environments and key usage. You can start with a very cheap and limited spreadsheet-like functionality and get immediate benefit from the overview our solution gives you. For fully automated key management and operations we charge a fixed fee per key depending on the key usage. Please contact us for an offer and a discussion of your specific needs.

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