Managed Certificate Lifecycle Management

Get visibility, compliance and more secure with Managed Keys

All kinds of cryptographic keys and certificates - lifecycle workflows spanning across products, platforms and business relationships

Become Secured and Ensure Compliance in 3 Easy Steps

We know infrastructure, we know applications, we know multiple platforms - and we make sure they work together

Identify your Key/Certificate Usage

We have the tools, methodology and knowledge to rapidly discover and document 95-100% of keys or certificates. Discovery is initially done by scanning public interfaces. Based on initial findings, the tools suggest locations that need deeper internal scanning, e.g. key stores of OS, applications, configuration files, middleware, appliances and other infrastructure components.

Prepare for Onboarding

Our implementation consultants have many years of experience with designing and operating secure infrastructure platforms as well as custom applications and services. This allows us to deeply understand how your solutions really works - even if documentation is poor or missing. With this knowledge we can fully automate certificate management and prevent downtime. We can start with optimizing your solution or just manage its keys/ certificates as they are.

Certificate Management as a Service

Once onboarded to Managed Keys you will benefit from a reduced cost of managing your cryptographic assets and experience less application/services downtime with automated key/certificate lifecycle management. We effectively manage any type of keys/certificates inside your organization or across business relations with a SLA that matches your requirements.